Traveling: Cambodia, BAM, and More


Maybe you are like me (Jason): I enjoy being adventurous and seeing the people and places around the world that God has created… but I am also finding that I enjoy just being home and having some consistency with my family.  Last weekend was the first time in 6 weeks that Jalina, the boys, and I had a full weekend home together.  And boy was it nice!  Here’s some of my travels with EMI and a little getaway that Jalina was able to have with Drew, Blake, and Cole.

During our travels in Cambodia we took two ferries. As we cast off from the capital of Cambodia (Phnom Penh) we used a large industrial sized ferry (pictured above). But as we traveled further into the villages of Cambodia we then traveled like the locals using much more basic means to ferry from one island to another. While on the island we traveled by bike, which worked fine until there was a torrential downpour just prior to making it to the ferry. Thankfully there was a small sheltered area for us to hide under cover while the ferry waited for the storm to pass prior to taking off as you can see in the pictures below.

EMI is managing a construction project for a traditional Cambodian church who’s ministry is to evangelize and disciple students who come from villages for schooling.

Neth, a local staff member in our EMI Cambodia office, speaks to us at our Leadership Training and Director’s Conference

The Killing Fields in Cambodia is where the Khmer Rouge killed and buried more than a million of their own citizens during their genocide in the late 1970’s. As I took a tour of their memorial site I was appalled by the atrocities that humans conducted against other humans. It reminded me of how far sin can take us and how it is through the hope of Christ that we can overcome evil and love one another. It made me thankful that I am able to embody EMI’s mission to Design a World of Hope.


What does BAM stand for? Business As Mission. Ok… so what does that mean? Business as mission intentionally leverages this intrinsic power of business to address spiritual needs, hand in hand with social, economic and environmental needs.

A few days after returning from Cambodia, and still fighting jetlag, I traveled to California for a conference about Business As Mission that brought people from around the world to discuss the best ways to be the hands and feet of Jesus to different parts of the world. EMI has been able to open 3 of our offices around the world using the BAM approach where we couldn’t have a presence if we only used the traditional nonprofit (aka NGO) model. One of those offices is our Cambodia Office (pictured below). EMI wants to do all that it can to disciple people for Christ even in countries where it has become increasingly difficult to maintain a Christian presence.

The Cambodia Office is one of our Business As Missions Offices. The Cambodia Office Staff gifted the EMI Director’s with traditional Cambodian scarfs called “krama”.

Jalina and The Boys at Mount Rushmore

Jalina is a trooper! She drove 7 hours with Drew, Blake, and Cole up to Mount Rushmore to visit friends and meet up with her sister’s family. They had a great time spending their Fall Break from school to learn a little history, eat some pizza, and enjoy friends and family. In preparation for their trip I read them Curious George’s accidental hot air balloon adventure to Mount Rushmore. Thankfully our curious boys were more well behaved!


Please consider making a donation to our support account at EMI which helps provide for our ministry work at EMI.  Click here to give to the Reinhardts ministry with EMI.


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