Bahamas and Traveling to Cambodia

Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas

After the devastation that Hurricane Dorian caused to the Bahamas, EMI partnered with Samaritan’s Purse to provide relief to those that had lost so much. 

Most of the hospitals in the Bahamas are still flooded and yet there is so many people who need medical attention from the destruction of the storm.  Due to this a mobile hospital needed to be set up.  EMI has helped Samaritan’s Purse set up their field hospital to support the existing hospital that experienced significant flood damage.

EMI was responsible for the water and wastewater of this mobile hospital and provided such support as water supply, treatment, storage, & distribution; latrines, hand washing stations, and more. Currently they are working on implementing a reverse osmosis water filtration using the sea water.  They continue to work in the heat and humidity to finish the water systems to support the hospital & staff.  We are ready to send others from our disaster response team that can provide technical support.  Please continue praying for the relief efforts in the Bahamas.

Hurricane Survivors, including Lucinda Haven, are being treated at the newly created emergency field hospital

Traveling Back to Cambodia

I leave today to return to Cambodia where we have an EMI office in Phnom Penh.  The country of Cambodia is slowly rebounding after about 2 million Cambodians were killed during the genocide in the 1970s, where the Khmer Rouge had especially targeted the educated and working class, making it difficult to train up the next generation. 

EMI has recently refocused our goals to professionally and spiritually disciple design professionals, making Cambodia a perfect place for us to make an impact on the people and the nation.  Our Cambodia office continues to hire local architects and engineers- last month they hired two local design professionals, Sopheak and Marine.   

EMI Cambodia’s Staff Photo

Please pray for an effective time of ministry and connection as I participate in training and serve the EMI staff.  Please also pray for:

  • Safe travels and a quick recovery from jet lag
  • An ability to touch the lives of people I meet in the office and on the streets
  • Jalina and they boys as she tries to wrangle the circus we call home life without me. 

Cole’s First Day of Preschool

Cole is a joy to have in our family and easily walked right in on his first day of school. Although every once in a while he likes to show off how stubborn a 3 year old can be. Yesterday he came home singing 4 new songs that he learned at school telling mommy to look them up on YouTube. One was something about mixing up milkshakes and dropping eggs on the floor. Sure enough, with the lyrics he gave mommy she was able to find these strange songs. Fun times in the Reinhardt household.

Cole’s first day at Preschool with his new teacher Ms. Rachel


Please consider making a donation to our support account at EMI which helps provide for our ministry work at EMI.  Click here to give to the Reinhardts ministry with EMI.


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