CURE Ethiopia

I’m sure all of us know someone that has been afflicted with an incurable disease or disability.  It frustrates us as we feel helpless in our desire to want to help.  What exasperates me even more is when there is a curable disease or disability and nothing is done to fix it.  This is where you and I can step in and do more to help. 

CURE kids staying in the hospital’s RFJ ward while they prepare for surgery. All of them want to be doctors and nurses when they grow up so that they can support CURE and change the lives of other children like them.

In a Ethiopia’s capital city of Addis Ababa few have access to quality medical care, but CURE Ethiopia has been filling this critical need for these people. It is estimated that more than 2.5 million Ethiopians kids live with correctable disabilities, but Ethiopia has a shortage of orthopedic surgeons who specialize in children’s disability. Due to social misperceptions, children with disabilities are viewed as cursed and are often hidden away in rejection and isolation, deprived of an education or the opportunity for a normal life.  In many cases, children with treatable conditions who survive childhood end up as beggars or worse.  When I traveled to Ethiopia I was surprised to see the number of beggars with disabilities. 

Treatments such as clubfoot casting or plastic surgery for severe burns can redirect the course of children’s lives, giving them hope for the future.  Since their opening in 2008, CURE Ethiopia has been transforming the lives of these children through their provision of specialized pediatric orthopedic and surgical care. 

In addition to an international level standard of care, CURE applies a holistic approach to healthcare through a combination of mobile clinics, clubfoot clinics, and spiritual ministry.  This ministry is extended to children and their families, who receive emotional care and spiritual restoration.  Through on-site spiritual ministries and pastoral staff, CURE is healing the sick and proclaiming the kingdom of God.   

CURE Ethiopia has grown tremendously over the past ten years.  The growth has pushed CURE’s facilities to their limit.  Their spaces now run at max capacity a majority of the time, with waiting rooms and wards being filled continuously.  To plan for the future and expand upon their vision, CURE invited EMI to design a phased master plan and develop a five-year outlook for the facility.  A team of thirteen architects and engineers traveled to Ethiopia from across the world to assess CURE’s infrastructure and facilities. 

Through this work, EMI is re-casting the future of the hospital’s physical space to grow CURE’s vision of hope for years to come.  Healing for today, healing for tomorrow, healing for eternity.

So how can you be a part of the solution?  At EMI we encourage people to Give, Go, Pray.

Pray that the Lord would send more workers into the harvest field so that curable disabilities can be corrected even in the hard places of the world. 

Go and be a part of the solution.  Use your gifts and skills to bless those that are in spiritual darkness or do not have the resources that God has blessed you with. 

Give– your donations to my work at EMI is having a powering impact on the ministries and poor around the world.   HERE’s the link to donate. 

Thanks for all you do and for partnering with us!

Bringing joy with balloons

Highlighting Drew

Last month Drew turned 8 years old.  It’s so weird how our little boys keep getting older and we stay the same age… right?  We celebrated Drew’s birthday by letting him invite some of his classmates over, giving them guns, and letting them shoot each other- because that is what boys love to do.  Thankfully they were only Nerf guns.  We went to a place called Dart Wars and since one of Drew’s classmates couldn’t make it Jason had to fill in.  Jason didn’t seem to mind too much 🙂  

Here’s some of the pictures from his party:

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