Upcoming India Trip

Imagine a time when someone presented you with a goal that you felt was unattainable.

Vision casting has this way of making you stare directly into your own disbelief. But what about the feeling you get when you reach that seemingly unattainable goal?

After 30+ years of EMI being primarily made up of American’s, the India office has empowered Indian design professionals to join our ranks. To my surprise, there are now more Indians in the office than Westerners– a goal that is 8 years ahead of schedule.


Madhlika was introduced to Christ by an EMI Intern and is now on Staff in our India office.

Here is an example of how God worked to accomplish this: Preeti, a former EMI Intern, was working in Delhi when Madhulika (pictured), came to work on her first day. “Preeti shared the gospel with me, telling me about the forgiveness of sins in Christ Jesus,” Madhlika recalled. “I was struggling to forgive myself, so hearing that Christ has the ability to forgive made me feel free. It has been a bittersweet journey since then as I come to know more every day about my sinfulness, how awesome God’s grace is, and how much I need Christ in my life. EMI ‘happened’ in late 2013 when I was between jobs and the Office Director asked me to consider EMI. God was clearly leading me to EMI. I am excited and grateful for this honor and opportunity. I hope to glorify God with everything I do.”

I had the opportunity to meet Madhlika at our World Staff last year and I will be assisting at the India office again in a couple weeks.

Left Picture: My first EMI trip to India in 2006
Right Picture: I was conducting a survey (with a lot of help) for a children’s home in India in 2012

This will be my third trip to India, and as our longest running overseas office I am always excited to participate in the impact they are having in their large region.  EMI India is serving ministries like The Changing Destiny Project where they believe that education for girls rescued from human trafficking will make a difference in their future.



Girls rescued from human trafficking by The Changing Destiny Project.

Please pray for safety for me as I travel to India and for Jalina as she wrangles our three lively boys without me.

An update on the home life of the Reinhardts

Drew and Blake asked to invite Jesus into their hearts!  It wasn’t quite as magical a moment as we had imagined as Drew said he didn’t want to become a Christian but wanted to invite Jesus into his heart.  After further explanation he decided he did want to become a Christian which followed by Jason and I (Jalina) acting out what it means to be separated by God due to our mistakes (sins).  They watched patiently and repeated after me the salvation prayer, but then immediately afterwards they said “Can we play on the iPad” because they were jealous that Cole was playing with it while we tried to have this magical moment.  Oh well.  The lifelong role of discipling our children continues nonetheless.


Blake and Drew pray with Mommy to invite Jesus into their hearts


Giving Impact

We are so grateful for God’s provision through the generosity of donors. If you would like to contribute to the impact of our ministry work with EMI please click here.



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